Rv living is not only a style statement but a form of adventure , independence and a home away from home.Early on in the mid twentieth century mobile homes and campers made an appearance on the North American landscape. I remember in the mid sixties when my cousin migrated from Canada to US taking his mobile home with him,we were so much in awe back then. Never could imagine a whole house on wheels.

Freedom is a much coveted asset ,it gives a whole lot of sense of belonging too.Rv living as the name suggests is recreational as well. But all this cannot be possible if modern facilities are not available. The facilities are not only in the vehicle but in the trailer parks as well.A modern Rv is well equipped with all modern appliances ,comfortable living area, llacosy sleeping area which can either be with bunk beds or king size beds, a good sized bathroom . Some Rvs have sunroof for better natural light. Some even have solar panels for heat and light.

How is an Rv lifestyle beneficial in the 2020 pandemic? Covid 19 has made travelling and travellers virtually non existent. The very fear of contracting the virus by mere human contact is restricting movement in public places (hotels, supermarkets, malls) and transport(rail,road and air). Long winter months keep Canadians confined to their workplaces or homes; naturally spring and summer months enhance the urge for travelling . For Winnipegers the best months to look forward to are summer.

Social distancing is the new normal thanks to Covid 19. The right time to invest in an Rv is now , the mood is right, summer is here and Covid 19 has very much confined us to our homes. How to beat the isolation yet enjoy the outdoors. One of these hot summers days just pack yourself and your family and visit one of the off-beaten tourist spots to enjoy camping, fishing or just leisurely outdoors in the safe environs of your Rv.

One of the very  positive outcomes of Covid 19 has been families have come closer. Much of our waking moments are in pursuit of personal ambition, goals to achieve with little time for our loved ones.To fulfill dreams that stretch us thin. We tend to ignore a family member needing personal attention. 

Rvs are the best way to visit nature and enjoy outdoor activities. Modern amenities in the vehicle give us daily comforts while enjoying the outdoors. Depending on the activities that you like you can indulge in hiking in the abundant trails that are in around the various parks.

One of my favourite places to visit was Kenora where you have nature at its best . It’s one of the touristy spots but still away from the usual hustle bustle. Hiking down the trails or finding the quiet fishing spots are highly rejuvenating experiences. I would recommend visiting the Rushing River trails for an exhilarating experience. You can come across gentle wild animals such as deer who come out to enjoy summer and its abundant spirit.

Rv living is supposedly for retirees who still have the spirit of adventure and enjoy new places. Normally Rvs are for long distance adventure. Say you wish to take a trip further west from here to Banff, Lake Louise.

Golden BC, it’s a long distance to cover. 

These places may need 14 days of self isolation because of inter-provincial travel. You may refer to these sights for relevant updated information before deciding to travel.

Well it can be done at a comfortable pace and random stops at leisure. One advantage would be a clean hygienic place we are comfortable with rather than a place of stay we are unsure of.  Besides, long distance travel can be budgeted as well.

The new normal is also proper social distancing in public places. Rv living is recommended in 2020 if you want to opt for: ● Freedom of travel, leisure  ● Stress free environment, lots of outdoor activities ● Social distancing and personal hygiene  ● Back to nature ● Living within budget

Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on the whole world such that we had not witnessed in our lifetime. Our lives came to a standstill not knowing when it would end. Adaptability is second nature to humans.As we grappled with the situation, new rules that we are learning to live bye … social distancing ,three is a crowd now…therefore socialising and festivities may be a thing of the past. But there is a way out of every negative situation and Rv living can give us a sense of healthy safety and a semblance of a balanced lifestyle. This article was written by:

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