Apparently RVs aren’t just for retirees anymore.

Recreational vehicle users haven’t enjoyed the coolest of reputations.

Despite a downturn in sales in the first half of the year due to Canada’s abnormally longer winter and wetter spring season, Canadian recreational vehicle sales remain sizeable — and it’s millennials that are driving new sales.

Regionally speaking, Western Canada has the highest rate of RV ownership in the nation, at 68 per cent of those who camp.

The Canada recreational vehicle market is expected to become a $3.6-billion industry by 2023, according to a report from IBISWorld, a research firm.

Besides all the growth the RV market predicts, the purchasing of an RV seems to be the cheaper alternative to purchasing a cottage and enjoying the outdoors in style.

Travelling by RV gives you all the benefits of camping – beautiful landscapes, nights round the campfire, the feeling of being back to nature – but without the actual tent bit. But RVing was a new world with its special terminology (pull-throughs, shore lines, grey water). So I thought I’d put together a post for first-time RVers like me, or people who want to find out more about touring Canada by RV, where I ask the questions so you don’t have to!