Taking your first trip is exciting and a little overwhelming, especially if you forgot to bring something with ya!

We wanted to share our list of some necessities “must haves” and “wish we had” brought with us on our first maiden voyage.

The list keeps growing every time we had taken off on our next adventure.

1. Sheets:bedding including sheets, covers, pillows, and blankets,towels: bath, hand, facial, dish and beach

2. First Aid Kit/Flash lights

3. Dump Hose/Electrical hookup cords

4. Personal electronics, like laptops and cell phones, and their chargers

5. Toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner, body wash, and facial lotion, RV-friendly toilet paper

6. Hose (freshwater)

7. Water Tank Filler Valve/water filter/water pressure regulator

8. Movies(DVD, Movie files got media player)/music (mp3,CD, boombox)

9. Kitchen Items

10. Toilet Chemical

11. 2 and 5/16″ Trailer Ball

12. 3/4 Drill Socket and Drill

13. A Mat for Outside the Steps/outdoor LED lights

14. Tools/Batteries/screws

15. Small solar panel

16. Inverter generator

17. Ice/water/food/booze/firewood

18. Backup rear camera

19. Trailer ball lock

20. Weight distribution & anti sway bar