The CRVL (Canada RV Life) #rvsolarpanels review.⠀

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We had purchased this panel for our TT camper, to try to help keep our batteries charged. When camping we go for 2 weeks at a time, and on a normal trip our batteries are running low after just a few days, and need to pull out the generator to try and recharge the batteries. We are not light on power usage. We charge cell phones daily, run the radio all day, and we don’t really pay attention to the amount of power we use at any given time. Last year with the panel out, we did not once need to pull the generator out, the batteries stayed charged enough that we never noticed it they got low.⠀
So, the packaging in our photo shows the first one we had purchase which was the 100watt. However, we had return the 100watt for a 50watt which was a lot cheaper and smaller in size perfect for storage and enough power to trickle charge our battery to keep it topped up.⠀
The output from the panel performs to the max performance (2.3 amps) marked on the back and a little over. This item will cost you approximately fifty to eighty dollars Canadian. All around we are very happy with this panel. A must! Great for smaller Motorhomes and TT(Travel Trailers) and vans.
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